Understanding History

Understanding History

Unfortunately, Christian Theology has evolved through the centuries into many varied doctrines and teachings. A doctrine that scripture does not support which has corrupted the correct understanding of God’s plan of redemption for the nation of Israel, is the teaching of Replacement Theology otherwise known as Supersession Theology.

Dr Schofield summarizes the matter very well as he states in his opening comments of the four Gospels; “…the legacy in Protestant thought from the post-Apostolic and Roman Catholic

theology, is that the Church is the true Israel and that the Old Testament foreview of the kingdom is fulfilled in the Church.” Schofield continues, that to achieve a true and proper understanding concerning the covenants of God with Israel, that one must not; “assume that the “throne of David” [Luke 1:32] has become synonymous with “my Fathers throne” [Rev 3:21] or that the “house of Jacob” [Lk 1:32] is the church comprised of both Jew and Gentile.”

This false concept and teaching resulted in great atrocities and persecutions being committed against the Jews in the name of the Church and “Christianity”. Unfortunately, this does not reflect the true heart of what original Christianity was founded upon.

The Apostle Paul clearly established what the Christian’s position and relationship with the nation and people of Israel should be. He respectfully refers to the Nation of Israel as; “…my kinsmen according to the flesh:” [Rom 9:3] Paul’s love for them was so great, that he was willing even to lay down his life and be “accursed” or “cut off” on their behalf. [Rom 9:3]

This is the example and what the conduct should be for all Christians. [Rom. 11:11,12,15,18,26-27; 15:27] Contrary to church history, there were never any forced conversions recorded in scripture. The firm conviction of Christians For The Temple is to respect the Covenants of God to the nation of Israel. Thereby allowing Him to finish His plan of redemption among the chosen nation of Israel as is necessary through His restored presence in the Holy Temple.