Another Israeli Home Destroyed…

Another Israeli Home Destroyed…

Few either in Israel or outside realize the frequency with which Jewish homes in the West Bank and Hebron areas are destroyed. Yesterday Israeli National News carried the report written by Yoad – another victim of senseless and wanton destruction carried out by his own brotherhood in the Israel Police and Military. This was the 2nd time this week that a home was destroyed in Israel. The 3rd in just two weeks!

Click here to read of the events that unfolded – as Yoad entitled his article; 'I didn't think the State of Israel would trample me like this'

Tragic events like this beg two important questions; 1) Why is this happening? And 2) What can be done to stop it?

Though the remedy and solution to both is not easily attainable, to do nothing or remain silent, is as famed Nazi resistor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer stated “evil itself”; (Silence in the face of evil is evil itself.)

Unfortunately this problem is mired in the muck of a political quagmire arising out of failed Oslo Accords, an unrealistic and mythical “Status Quo” and the misguided perception that the pioneers and settlers like Yoad are the evil enemies to peace!

So what can be done to stop this senseless destruction of some of Israeli’s most devoted and committed citizens? Of course prayer is always in season. In addition to that, those within Israel like Yoad who are affected and who are the voice of change, need to be supported!

As these are events are based in Israel’s legal system, challenges must be made via the Courts. Litigation is of course expensive. Most of Israel’s pioneers erect their homes and shelters without the benefit or assistance of a mortgage – due to the fact the land to which they are connected and wish to reside, is deemed “questionable property”.

Consequently, every spare shekel is devoted to basic living expenses and surviving in a very expensive economy. Few are able to afford the expenses of contesting a Court’s judgment, or now as in Yoad’s case, to sue for damages resulting from an unethical Military and Police provocation. As Yoad describes in his report;

“I took not a penny from the government, and I did not act violently. I was willing to evacuate my home, and take apart the house I had built myself - if they had given me some warning. I don't understand why I had to suffer from this random, violent, and inflexible incident. I'm sad that I lost the home I wanted to live in and build in this town, and I'm sad that this is the State's way of doing things.”

Christians For The Temple can assist  you in being a part of the SOLUTION. We are connected with Lawyers who regularly challenge the Courts on behalf of citizens without means – and win! Your support will enable Yoad to not only seek damages, but also help to provide Yoad and his family with alternate accommodations. Winter is just around the corner, and with it plunging temperatures in the Judean Hills.

Please contact us if you are interested in assisting Yoad and many others like him.