In spite of the differing views between Christians and Jews, there is one very important shared belief. This is the deep conviction and expectation of the coming Messiah along with the subsequent restoration of the glory of God and His presence on earth.

The purpose and objective of this Ministry of Christians For The Temple, is to focus on this as the converging point of God’s plan of redemption for both Jew and Christian and the rest of the world.   

To achieve this we must recognize and put behind us the centuries and millenniums of mistrust, animosity and even hatred that the “church” acted out and taught against Jews.

Christians For The Temple seeks to boldly address this injustice as it is regarded as a great hindrance to the very One we both are seeking the return of. Christians For The Temple is another facet of what is seen in many ways as a global grassroots movement in humility and repentance of those “sins” of the past - along with the strong desire to return to the founding vision of our Judeao-Christian roots as originally expressed by the Apostle Paul as he wrote in Rom 9:1-3.